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It will explore at a popular level whether the commonly accepted view that science has ruled out God is sustainable or rather that the evidence of science points to a supreme intelligence beyond the natural world.  This general presentation will set the scene for the more detailed contributions of subsequent speakers. 


Darwin or Design

Date: 24th May 2020

Time: 7-8pm GMT

Presenter: Dr Alastair Noble


Most fish fertilise their eggs externally, after the female releases them, but in seahorses and pipefish, males are made pregnant when females deposit their eggs into a special abdominal sack. For every trend in life, there seems to be a bizarre exception; life on Earth exhibits an amazing diversity of forms. From archaebacteria organisms invisible to the naked eye yet capable of thriving at extreme temperatures to towering oak trees, flying snakes and sharks that engage in remarkable migrations across the featureless oceans, it may seem at times that life is discontinuous. Yet we recognise some things as living, based on shared characteristics, while others are not living. What are those shared characteristics? What do they tell us about the origin of life? What process produced the remarkable phenomenon we call life in the first place? We will examine our current understanding of life, Earth history and, crucially, philosophy to arrive at an informed understanding.


The Origin of Life

Date: 25th May 2020

Time: 7-8pm GMT

Presenter: Prof Timothy Standish


It will show that Earth is the perfect habitat for humanity, located in the best place from where to investigate the universe, and discover the truth behind Psalm 19:1 - "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows his handiwork."


Earth, The Most Privileged Planet in the Universe

Date: 26th May 2020

Time: 7-8pm GMT

Presenter: Dr Mart De Groot


Deep Time has been taught with authority in schools, colleges and universities for many decades.  Museums and institutions proudly claim hundreds of millions of years for their rock and fossil specimens.  The older a rock or fossil is thought to be, the greater is its prestige, its glamour and its value.  The effect of all this has been decades of Deep Time conditioning of the public.  Vast ages have become deeply imbedded in the fabric of the modern western worldview.  Most of us instinctively view the geological and biological features of our world through lenses tinted with Deep Time. 

This world view has huge impact on faith; a lot is riding on it.  Acceptance of this compels the sections of Genesis relating to the creation of the world, of life and of humankind to be viewed as allegorical or symbolic.  This has knock-on effects throughout Scripture including in the New Testament Gospels.  A low opinion of the dependability of information in Scripture inevitably results. 

Deep Time was constructed by selecting only extremely slow-ticking clocks.  Radiometric dating methods of elements that decay with very long half-lives consistent with Deep Time.  A much shorter timescale for Earth history, christened Compact Time, emerges from the radiocarbon dating method.   The Flood described in Genesis is hugely significant in arriving at a correct understanding of Earth history.  It has a huge impact on all the radiometric dating methods.  The talk will evaluate the credibility of the Flood and review its consequences.  The widespread Flood legends and the Genesis account will be compared.  Could Noah’s Ark contain specimens of all Earth’s creatures?  Would there be dinosaurs on the ark?  Is there any evidence they survived the flood?  Could it have been a local flood?

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The Flood & Compact Time

Date: 27th May 2020

Time: 7-8pm GMT

Presenter: Prof John Walton


The talk will look at volcanic activity in the geological record, both lava outpouring and explosive eruptions and compare it to modern activity (like the eruption of the famous volcano Eyjafjallajökull). It is widely recognized that many volcanic eruptions in the past were extremely large, testifying of processes in operation unlike any other we know from today. We will take a closer look at the possible causes of this volcanism and their relation to other geological phenomena and particularly their implications for models of origins.

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Earth's Catastrophic Past

Date: 28th May 2020

Time: 7-8pm GMT

Presenter: Dr Birgir Óskarsson


The human body is the most self-building, self-stoking, self-regulating, self-repairing and self-reproducing machine. However, unlike any man-made machine, it has the ability of feel emotions and think. Mainly made of 4 chemical elements, the human body perform approximately 400 billion synchronised chemical reactions per second to make us alive. This talk will summarise a few of human body features that make us the living prove of a Great Designer


Mankind - The Masterpiece of God's Creation 

Date: 29th May 2020

Time: 7-8pm GMT

Presenter: Dr Isabel Moraes


Throughout the week the scientists will only be answering a few questions. We understand that there will be individuals who have questions that may not be answered therefore we will be doing a Q&A with all the scientists and some pastors who will be able to answer your questions. You can send your questions throughout the week to either be answered on the day or at the Q&A session. You can send your questions through the following ways:

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Q & A

Date: 30th May 2020

Time: 7-8pm GMT

Panel: All the Scientists and a panel of Ministers